About Our Company

Our Philosophy

Natural Resources: the natural wealth of a country, consisting of land, forests, mineral deposits, water, etc. The meaning seems so simple, yet that is absolutely not the case. It is one reserve that cannot be manmade, yet the entire world depends on those resources. This is the reason WURX LLC exists. We understand the importance of natural resource preservation as well as natural resource development.

We have passion for the transformation of land and natural resources, and the ability to design and improve water management, soils and production; resulting in better wildlife habitat, greater forage production, and increased food and fiber production for the world. We believe in our client’s visions and goals; we believe in reaching aggressive production goals; we believe in maximizing resource development; we believe, through partnerships with our clients, each time we touch a piece of land and put our design and signature on it. WURX believes in Envisioning a dream, Designing it and putting our signature on it by making a dream come true (Building it.)






We are able to adapt and overcome unexpected challenges that arise on projects.


We strive to offer a common sense approach backed by calculations to ensure your project is functional.


We work to couple the newest technology and information with the tried and true methods.


Honesty and integrity are what keep our customers loyal.

Casper Location

2435 King Blvd. Suite 130, Casper, WY 82604